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MD-330 Professional Blender

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MD-330 Professional Blender

MD-330 Professional Blender using a special carbon steel, with powerful motor that can crush ice cubes instantly, easily create a dense and refreshing smoothies. Multi-speed level rotary switch could be chosen freely to make different kind of ice drinks, definitely the best helper for your business.

5 HP Peak output motor
All in one blade. Make the perfect smoothies without auxiliary.
Ultra-efficient and create tasty smoothie within 30 seconds.
Optional time control for producing smoothies to create different tastes.

Voltage    220 - 240V
Frequency       5060Hz
Power Consumption       1800W
Capacity  2.0L
Net weight       5.35Kg
Dimension       Length 230mm Width 210mm Hight 500mm


MD 207 Blender


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